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I completed all my basic scientific training in the CEBAS-CSIC (Murcia, Spain), reinforcing my work with short training visits to other colleagues. During this period, I successfully concluded my Ph.D degree on “sustainable reclaimed water use in agriculture” with Thesis Award from Technical University of Cartagena and a Master Degree on Planning and Management of Water Resources. Although my training in Spain I have been very complete, including international SCI papers (>25), and many communications to national and international congresses (>25), the necessity to know new techniques and applications in the field of wastewater reuse, makes mandatory to learn at the University of California (USA), University of Beira Interior (Portugal) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

About precision irrigation and water reuse in agriculture, I have demonstrated the transfer of knowledge to the private and public sectors, participating in several international projects (10) and private projects with companies (10). Some examples are projects as “Feasibility study of using reclaimed water from the WWTP of Jumilla in the Miraflores irrigator’s community” in 2010, assessing the irrigation community about the best management practices to use the reclaimed water in their different crops. In 2010, started a collaboration in the project “Effects of reclaimed water irrigation on soils, aquifers and crops in the Balears Islands (EARSAC1014)” assessing about the more suitable crops depending the reclaimed water quality and the best management practices. Also, participate actively in the European project title “Sustainable Water Management” (SWAM) (FP7-REGIONS-2009), doing international assessment in wastewater reuse in the first benchmarking realized in Kalmar (Sweden) in 2010 and also contracted by the Mediterranean Water Institute (IEA) for the coordination of the international course entitled” “Wastewater treatment and reuse in semiarid environments: a practical view.”In cooperation with the European Project “Sustainable Water Integrated Management” (SWIM-SM). The experience acquired during the last years and the capacity of leadership, allow me to coordinate an innovative project with groups and European companies, IRIS (Intelligent Reclaimed Irrigation System).

In parallel, during the last years, I got educational experience as professor in different courses (8) related with precision irrigation and water reuse in agriculture. Also I was supervisor on several University Master’s degree and Final Projects (8).

I have demonstrated a multidisciplinary scientific work on this field, collaborating with other Institutions, Departments and companies, using new informatics tools as GIS for planning and management reclaimed water projects in Portugal and implementing in Murcia (Spain), also comparing hyperspatial remote sensing images with field results to detect stress salinity, working on the safety assessment on different crops irrigated with reclaimed water under greenhouse conditions and doing studies from the environmental point of view, about the non-market value of reclaimed water use in agriculture.

In the last period I’m working as postdoc on the University of Bari on the Dipartimento di Scienze Agro Ambientali e Territoriali (DiSAAT), eon the framework of the European project “Low-cost water desalination and sensor technology compact”.




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