"Giusy Lofrano"

lofranoDr. Giusy Lofrano got her PhD in 2007, actually she is Adjunct Professor of Environmental Impact Assessment at Salerno University, Department of Chemistry and Biology. She has over 10 years of post graduate experience on Environmental protection and Restoration Technologies. Her research interests include Advanced Oxidation Processes applications on high strength wastewaters, chemical and biological wastewater treatment, industrial pollution control, marine sediments, environmental history.
She has been involved in many international and national projects as investigator. Some of her current projects are running in the following fields:
• EU COST ACTION 1403 New and emerging challenges and opportunities in wastewater reuse (NEREUS)
• EU COST ACTION 1205 Engineered Nanomaterials from wastewater Treatment & stormwater to Rivers (ENTER).
• EU COST Action MP1106: Smart and green interfaces - from single bubbles and drops to industrial, environmental and biomedical applications (SGI)
• EU COST Action 1202: Conceiving Wastewater Treatment in 2020. Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (WATER 2020)
She is enrolled in editorial boards 5 International Journals and she is the Editor of two books on green technologies for wastewater treatment, published by Springer Verlag. She has acted as peer-reviser and panelist at evaluation of many Research and Technology Development projects (EU and national) and papers.
Some of her recent publications are listed below:
- G. Lofrano, S. Meric A (2014) Sustainable Management Approach to Winery and Distillery Wastewater: A review of the state-of the-art. Desal. Wat. Treat.(in press)
- S. Mahiya, G. Lofrano, S. K. Sharma (2014). Biosorptive removal of Cu (II) from aqueous solutions by Carissacarandus and Syzygiumaromaticum. Chemical Science and Transactions 3(4): 1-14.
- M. Carotenuto, G. Lofrano, A. Siciliano, F. Aliberti, M. Guida (2014) TiO2 photocatalystic degradation of caffeine and ecotoxicological assessment of oxidation by products. Global Nest Journal 16 (3), 265-275.
- G. Lofrano, M. Carotenuto, C. Senem Uyguner, A. Vitagliano, A. Siciliano, M. Guida (2014) An integrated chemical and ecotoxicological assessment for the photocatalytic degradation of vancomycin. Environ. Tech. 35 (10): 1234-1242.
- R. K. Gautam, A. Mudhoo, G. Lofrano, M. C. Chattopadhyaya (2014) Biomass-derived biosorbents for metal ions sequestration: adsorbent modification, activation methods and adsorbent regeneration. Journal of Chemical Environmental Engineering 2: 239-259.
- A. De Luca, R. Falcao Dantas, A.S. M. Simoes, I. A. Salata Toscano, G. Lofrano, A. Cruz, S. Esplugas (2013). Atrazine removal in municipal secondary effluents by Fenton and photo-Fenton treatments. Chemical Engineering & Technology 36: 1-9.
- G. Lofrano, S. Meriç, G. E. Zengin, D. Orhon (2013) Chemical and biological treatment technologies for leather tannery chemicals and wastewaters: A review. Sci. Tot. Environ.461-462: 265-281.
- G. Lofrano, Green Technologies For Wastewater Treatment: Energy Recovery And Emerging Compounds Removal (2012) Springer-London (UK) ISBN 978-94-007-1429-8
- G. Lofrano, Emerging Compounds Removal From Wastewater: Natural And Solar Based Technologies (2012) Springer – London (UK) ISBN 978-94-007-3915-4.

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